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While all my friends and family were celebrating Valentine’s Day over romantic candlelit dinners, roses, champagne, and fancy gifts with their sweethearts, I celebrated mine with Ryann Doyle, my lead stylist and special projects manager, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Neal Donald Walsch at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

I have big plans to accomplish this year. In order to do so with greatness, I am taking a step back from all the craziness of life and focusing on my mental and physical well being, my spirituality, and the relationship with my inner self. I have worked so hard my whole life filling everyone else’s love cup, that I have neglected to fill my own. Being around some of my favorite spiritual teachers and authors last weekend was a great reminder for me that I must continue to nourish and nurture my soul.  To inspire love, beauty, strength, and harmony around me, I must start from within first. Everything we attract into our lives is our own doing, so we must take ownership and be accountable for all that we are attracting.  If we do not like it, then we must take action to change it…don’t you agree?

One late afternoon after a long day at the conference, we came across the most delightful little French restaurant tucked away on a private street in the middle of the desert version of South Beach, Miami.  It’s called Petite Maison. You know how much I love anything French.  So of course, we gave it a try. The staff was polite.  The service was excellent.  And the ambience was romantic, comfortable, and sweet.  The outside patio with fresh potted herbs and flowers was lovely.  The decor was stylish and simple.  I started out with a very refreshing martini called “Personality” made by Bar Manager Vincent Kelly.  Then we basically sampled almost everything on the menu.  My favorites were the mussels with spaghetti-size sweet potato fries on top, the foie gras, and the soufflé.  We wanted to come back on our last day, but our schedule was too hectic.  Overall, it was the best dining experience we had in Scottsdale.  I highly recommend you give it a try if you are there.  Check out the photos below!

Simple, earthy, and chic.

Simple, earthy, and chic.

Ryann and I enjoying our drinks and resting our feet.

Ryann and I enjoying our drinks and resting our feet.

ere's my martini called Personality.

Here’s my martini called “Personality.”  Also check out the potted rosemary as decor on the table.  I love that!

mussels with sweet potato fries

This was the mussels dish with sweet potato fries on top.

We were each other’s dates, even salsa dancing, too, on Valentine’s night after Deepak Chopra’s dinner speech.

Petite Maison's "Rock Star" Sous Chef Chris Schlattman and their Bar Manager Vincent Kelly

Moi with Petite Maison’s “Rock Star” Sous Chef Chris Schlattman and Bar Manager Vincent Kelly who created the martini “Personality.”


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