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Valentine's Day flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s to another beautiful day full of love, beauty, luxury, inspiration, and harmony!  That’s ideally my kind of world!

This poem is dedicated to a special person in my life.  I think you are so amazing and wonderful!  Thank you  for being my strength.

“Spirit Cup”  By C. Mali Phonpadith

I trace the rim of my coffee cup

Gently, softly – making circles
Some days I drink it darker than others
Sweeter today than most days

I stare into the eyes of my love
Clear and inviting
He searches for nothing more than my truth
Some days I speak it out loud
Today, I share in silence with only a smile

He reaches for a taste from my cup
Handing it over gently, softly –
Sharing the depth of my life
Ready to give him love
In older days, I would have made a fresh batch;
Just for him…
This day – I share and give plenty of what I have

I embrace the rim of my full spirit cup
Gently, softly – creating ripples
Most days I fill it up with sunlight and love
Today … I can offer it all up
Gently, softly – to the touch
It is yours my love.

Today, I share in silence with his arms outstretched
And me; with my cup in hand … smiling.
Gently, softly – to his touch
It is ours my love.
Gently, softly – smiling.
Creating ripples…
Loving freely and fully is never too much.

Mali is my sweet, beautiful, talented, and dear friend.  She is an author, poet, speaker, marketer, messaging strategist, CEO of Mali Creative and the Producer/Director of Tea with Mali. Mali specializes in helping her corporate and individual clients SOAR (See, Own, Articulate, Release) their uniqueness by aligning their personal gifts and professional talents with their passions and purpose. Her SOAR Mapping programs are offered as 1 hour seminars, 2 day retreats, and full day workshops to individuals, entrepreneurs, associations and corporate executives who want to uncover their gifts and talents and powerfully articulate their unique differentiators to their intended audience. Find out more about her work here: Contact her at


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