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Of the photos that have been submitted by our contributors around the globe, today’s unpolished photo feature is right in our own backyard of the Washington, DC Metro Area.  This photo was taken by one of my trusted sources.  Love to know what you think because I am not a big fan of tattoos, but I understand that there are many people out there who find them very cool.

There are a few things this woman is doing well, so let’s talk about that first since I am all about the positives.  The red dress is hot and seems to fit her well from what I can see (you know how important fit is to me!).  Her hair is nice. The cut-out detail of the back of the dress is sexy.  But really, showing the tattoos underneath it is just a bit much, not sophisticated in my opinion.

Apparently, she was at a members-only professional club on a weekday afternoon.  In this instance, a simple wrap in a matching color, or tan or black would add a nice touch,  or a nice sharp black jacket over her dress would have concealed the tattoo in a stylish, appropriate way.  If she was heading out in the evening, then the layer could be peeled of.  By the way, she was wearing black fishnet stockings that showed the tattoos all over her legs, too.

What do you think? I guess tattoos can be sexy if they are discreet for only you and a special person you want to show off to, but in this case, definitely unpolished and not appealing to me, but I am sure she was not trying to impress me. 🙂

Remember to submit your own UN-POLISHED looks via email!  Thank you to my secret contributor for this photo!  You are amazing!!!

Back Tattoo

Looks like she had a jacket, but not in the right color choice.


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