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When was the last time you said thank you at work to someone and really meant it?  Or when was the last time you left a note, sent an email, or told someone at work how much you appreciate their teamwork and the effort and commitment that they have contributed to a project?  Below is an excerpt from Steven Gaffney’s article “The Power of Appreciation” I thought was useful for today’s blog topic on appreciation. Make sure to scroll down and click on the image below to view a short video message on the topic from Steven that you can share with others in your organization.

Thank you. How often do your employees or coworkers hear those words? Many work extra hours, often for no additional money or benefit, and often without the benefit of hearing someone say thank you. Why do they do it? Because, like you, they want to make a difference in their jobs, and they want to contribute. In fact, through conducting seminars, I have learned that one of the biggest fears that people seem to have in common is the fear of dying without making a difference. We all want to know that our lives count, and we need to feel like we matter to someone. That’s what makes appreciation so powerful.

In fact, appreciation is so powerful that it affects the bottom line in organizations. People who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to remain in their jobs, making appreciation a key factor in employee retention. Furthermore, sincere expressions of appreciation open the lines of communication and improve teamwork because people tend to be more open with co-workers who appreciate the job they do. This makes people more likely to express ideas and feedback, which also positively affects the bottom line.”  ~Steven Gaffney

Steven Gaffney on The Gift of Appreciation

Click on this image to view the video!

Hope the video gets you thinking and that your day today will be filled with thank you’s and appreciations.

If you want your own copy of the full article on The Gift of Appreciation, you can email to request it and reference my blog for a quicker response.


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