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Introducing an exciting new feature on my blog: UN-POLISHED WEDNESDAYS.  Each week I will be posting snapshots of looks that need some perfecting or just a little Polished by tu-anh touch!  Take a look below, where I have shared with you some of the most unappealing looks I have seen on celebrities lately.  Do they not have personal stylists or even full-length mirrors?  As you scroll down, you will see a fresh, simple, chic polished look I recently spotted in Teen Vogue.  I think these celebrities could learn a thing or two from how regular young women express their style these days.

And if you are out and about and see someone who looks un-polished in your town, make sure to snap a photo and email me.  If it is you that are having “un-polished” issues , then email me a selfie and a little blurb and I will feature the photo in my blog with my expert style feedback for you!

photo (3)

Was she paid a lot of money to wear this?


What is sexy, feminine, and appealing about these looks?  Simply overdone.

photo (5)

The dress on the left is nice, but it is ill-fitting at the top.  I don’t think it was custom made for her. If Miley was performing on stage, I would say ok, but I would replace the black circular pasties with red heart-shaped ones.


I don’t have much to say about this.  Just that I would not be caught dead wearing this little animal print number.


Simple, chic, and timeless with an edge.



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