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children tu-anh emmah

My precious little goddaughter and I spending quality time on Christmas Eve 2015 at the sanctuary.

If you ever come to one of my family gatherings, don’t be surprised to find me in the play room where all the little children are.  That’s where the fun is!  There is something about the innocence of children that is very genuine and real and being around them inspires me greatly. Perhaps it is because in my own childhood, I never got a chance to really be a kid.   Or maybe it is because I really don’t want to grow up or may be it is because I do believe in dreams come true like they do! I have four precious, beautiful, sweet, and adorable little nieces from eight months old to five years old that bring me so much joy, laughter, love, and inspiration.  I learn so much from being around them.

As you know, 2014 is the year I will put LOVE in everything I do, while I also love animals, nature, the elderly, and many many things about life in general, children hold a very special place in my heart.  Soon I will have one of my own or I might adopt a child that needs a loving and nurturing home.  But for now,  I want to share with you the many reasons why I love being around children.  When I am around them, I feel happy, loved, and free to express myself without feeling judged, not to mention they give me a lot of affection and attention,too! 🙂 And that makes me forget all the stresses and worries.

I hope you enjoy the video from my niece, Minah’s dance class below.  It will bring some giggles to your intense day at work. Want to feel young again?  Consider applying some of the things below.  Here are the thirteen reasons why I absolutely adore children and love being around them.

  1. They are honest and not afraid to express how they feel.
  2. They like to learn new things and try new things.
  3. They know how to have fun.
  4. They are not afraid to cry or show negative emotions.
  5. They are fearless and not afraid of the unknown or surprises, as a matter a fact, they love surprises!
  6. They believe in God and the power of prayers, and dreams come true.
  7. They love and embrace change.
  8. They are not judgmental and full of opinions like some of us adults are.
  9. They let go easily and don’t have a problem saying “I am sorry”.
  10. They like to make friends rather than enemies.
  11. They are not worriers like some adults I know, so being around them is so refreshing.
  12. They are persistent and not afraid of rejection, they go after what they want and they don’t take no for an answer.  They will ask you for something over and over until you say yes.
  13. Most importantly, they are affectionate and are not afraid to say “I love you” just to make you happy and words of affirmation is my 2nd love language after physical touch.


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