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In an effort to polish my community and surroundings, I am so excited to share with you that starting next month, I will launch “UN-POLISHED WEDNESDAYS” on my blog where you will have the opportunity to contribute.  What does this mean?  Basically, it will feature snapshots of looks that men and women are wearing that need some refining or the Polished by tu-anh touch!  I have contributors around the country and the world in major cities (DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, Vegas, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City) that will be a part of this so it will definitely be fun and very interesting!  And for sure I want you to get involved!

See someone looking un-polished on the street, the mall, at work, at a social gathering, on the train, at a beach…or anywhere?  Or are you having “un-polished” image issues yourself that you would like some guidance on?  Email me a photo of your look and a little blurb and I will be happy to give you some quick tips!  This also goes for home and work spaces that need some refining and organizing.

To get started is simple: just input my email into your phone.  Anytime you capture an unpolished look, just email it to me and title it “unpolished” and then let me know what city and where it is from and your name if you would like credit on the photo.  No worries about people’s faces as my team will crop or block it out.  Sound exciting?

From the photos contributed, I will share my expert advice on how those looks could be improved and polished.  Take a look at the photo below I snapped outside on my way to listening to DJ Heather Femia spin at Masa 14 rooftop with my stylists.  I am looking forward to your contributions and hopefully, you will have fun and get some inspiration along the way.  So, start sending those photos now to and look for “Un-Polished” Wednesdays to debut in February!

Un-Polished introduction photo

How flattering is this?  First of all, the cigarette has to go!  Smoking is bad for your health, the environment, and the people around you. The pants could use some alterations at the thighs and at the hem for a better fit.  The white jacket could be replaced with a longer overcoat or trench.  The handbag should be in black or just plain tan.  As for the hat, it’s ok, but for a more chic look, I would do a beret instead. 🙂


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