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Loved my spa day at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando and will recreate my own spa at home tonight :)

Loved my spa day at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando and will recreate my own spa at home tonight 🙂

As promised, I am sharing with you my progress regarding the list from last week’s post. I am about 95% done with everything on the list.  The two things that I have to work on finishing up are writing thank you notes and the relationship check ups.  Obviously that department will take time and cannot be completed overnight, but I am proud of myself for making a lot of progress. How about you?  Where are you in the progress?

Below are my little last minute “tu-dos” for today: 

  1. Clean my home one last time with lemon, vinegar and sea salt (if you have a front and a back yard, sprinkle sea salt all around and up to your front door step).
  2. Burn sage aromatherapy oil, incense, or candles to clear away negative energy.
  3. Fill my space with fresh flowers and plants (got pink carnations for the bedroom and a very nice orchid for the living room as well as a peace lilly plant).
  4. Leave all blinds, windows, and curtains open to allow natural light and fresh air to come in to clean the home.
  5. Play beautiful music until New Years Day. Even when I am not at home, I just let the music play. I usually like to leave Schubert, Chopin, or Bach on throughout the day and I know my chubby chihuahua Nini loves it!
  6. Wash my car and fill the gas tank.
  7. Change bedsheets to new or newly washed with nice lavender linen spray.
  8. Pay all last minute bills online or put in the mail.
  9. Fill my wallet with cash for good fortune in the new year.
  10. Fill the fridge with healthy eats since health will continue to be my focus in 2014.
  11. Write down 3-5 things I appreciate about my life and post it on my vision board.
  12. Take a hot bubble bath and relax with a nice cup of hot tea.
  13. Before bedtime, I will do a love prayer since I think I own that word 🙂
  14. Take 3 deep breaths and meditate in silence for 3 minutes.
  15. Say I love you to my inner child, “tu-anh-ni”. I feel like I have been neglecting her all year since most of my time has been spent giving love and being of service to others.  I have not been treating her very well and I am committed to giving her lots of love, pampering, and attention in 2014! 

So that is all for my list today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I share with you on “What not to do on New Years Day!” 🙂


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