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As long as I can remember, I have always loved wearing pretty and sexy lingerie.  I feel like it’s my personal connection with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Working in the Nordstrom lingerie department in high school did not help either since most of my paychecks went to buying lingerie.  Why the obsession?  For me, wearing pretty lingerie is a private relationship I have with myself that no one else needs to know other than the special other half in my life.  It’s not just about how I look in it, but it is about how I feel wearing it.  And depending on what style and color I am wearing, that can make me feel attractive, confident, sexy, playful, powerful ,delicious, comfortable, sensual, seductive, and most importantly, feminine.  I tend to like materials that are made of natural fibers or that feel soft against my skin.

Recently, I went on a lingerie shopping spree during my stay in Tokyo.  Fortunately, I did not spend much $$$ because everything was too small!  I was lucky if I found something bigger than a B cup.  And if I did, it was not even my style.  Anyway, since I could not easily find things to fit me, I decided to spend my time instead talking to some of the Japanese shoppers what they thought of lingerie and why they buy them.   The majority of them told me that they wear lingerie for themselves, even if they are not currently in a relationship and no one sees them in it.  They said it makes them feel confident, womanly, sensual, and – depending on the style – sometimes playful and young.

Check out the photos I took below from the shops in Tokyo, the styles are very feminine, alluring, and playful with class, just like Japanese women!  Could their secret sauce to femininity and grace be that they are wearing beautiful lingerie?  And look at the merchandising!  These displays do not look at all like the American department stores where girdles, Spanx, and other garish control garments hang everywhere.  In Japan they only display the most attractive lingerie, and all the others you can find, but discreetly tucked away in drawers or nicely folded on the tables.

As women, we are busy taking care of others day in and day out at work and at home.  We must remember to take the time to nurture our womanhood, take a bath, light a candle, listen to beautiful music, and wearing sexy lingerie to bed and under our outfits.  It’s just for us and it makes us feel attractive and confident.   So ladies, when was the last time you went out shopping for some pretty lingerie?  And for the ladies  in relationships, if you have been wearing sweats to bed and have not been in the mood for some fun with your darling, how about putting on something soft and sheer for a change?

Hope the photos below bring you some inspiration or send me an email if you need help shopping for lingerie.  It will be fun!  If any of my male readers are reading this post, why not turn your next date night with your gal into lingerie shopping for her instead? How sexy is that?


This is a young adult lingerie store in Shibuya.


This is also at a young adult lingerie boutique.  I love the looks. Simple and sexy.


This looks like evening wear to me.  Although I love black, this would not be my style.

I love this look!  I would wear it!


This is very pretty and feminine.  I would have bought it if they had my size.


This, I like! It’s sweet and feminine.  Did not buy because I have too many styles like this.


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