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In this age of text messages and emoticons, a handwritten thank you note seems ancient or like last season’s trend.  But from my perspective, it is far from out of fashion! To me, a handwritten thank you note is classic and timeless.  It does not take much time to write, and it will touch someone’s heart much more than a quick email, instant message, a voicemail, or even a fleeting conversation.  You can also tell a lot about a person through their handwriting.  (That is another topic to be shared at a later time.)
I have not been writing many thank you notes these days, but I have made a commitment to do more of it next year.

handwritten note

These days, I rarely receive a handwritten thank you card anymore and when the card above arrived in the mail, oh my did completely surprised me.  It was one of those days where I was feeling stressed and it seemed as though my love cup was empty and needed to be filled.  When I read this note from my dear friend Ashanti, it made me think, WOW, I don’t remember the last time I got a handwritten thank you note in the mail.  So I saved it to share with you.
This was yet another reminder for us that it is the little things that matter.  Taking a few minutes from your precious time to hand write a thank you note tells the person receiving it that you truly care.  It makes it more personal and makes the receiver feel special.  Why not take this Thanksgiving break to hand write some appreciation notes?  I think it’s a great gift you can give someone.  I will be writing mine in Vietnamese to my parents for sure.  I know they will treasure it just as I treasure Ashanti’s note.  You know this card is a keeper for me. 🙂


  • Tracey Mang says:

    I agree! I always send a handwritten thank you note! I love writing them and receiving them.

  • I have not been great at it this year. I plan on putting aside 2 full days before the New Year and write my thanks and appreciation. Way over due. Thank you for sharing your comments, Tracey!

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