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To attract love, I always have fresh flowers by my bedside.

Valentine’s Day is far away, but if I had it my way, I would write about love every day, talk about love everyday, live the magic of love everyday, and give unlimited love everyday.  Love makes the world go round.  Love lifts our spirits, love gives us strength, love is all we need to feed our soul, and love is what I stand for.  I hope you are enjoying your day and that the poem below will inspire you to get in the mood for attracting love in your life.  It’s simple, short, and sweet….so it speaks to me.

Your Name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

~ Jessica Blade ~

P.S.  Try reading this over a glass of wine, candles, with your Pandora radio on the Patricia Kaas or Melody Gardot stations this evening.  Trust me, you will feel the love rushing through your spine.  If you are already in love with someone, the feeling is greater and more intense in a good way, much more than words can ever say.

xoxo….. tu-anh


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