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Last week’s post on Part 1 of these fashion mistakes was quite popular.  Today, I am sharing the rest of the list with you.  Perhaps you may want to share it with one of your female direct reports, or even your lady boss whose image could use some polishing.  Or why don’t you be bold and post this list on the refrigerator in the break room or outside the door of the ladies’ powder room at work? 🙂  Continue reading below to find out the other top 5 mistakes.

look polished at work

Pictured above is the elegant Dr. Brandt, a lover of animals and all living things.  I only touched her up a bit and you can see the difference.  Make up is used to enhance features.  Keep it simple and elegant, especially during the day.

6. Too much fragrance. If you wear perfume daily, the goal is to wear just enough to feel good, smell nice, and make the right impression.  But don’t advertise Saks Fifth Avenue’s fragrance department!  Wear your fragrance to please you and an intimate other.  If a person can smell you from just a foot apart, that means it’s overkill.  Keep in mind that some people may be allergic to the scent you are wearing, too. But remember, less is more.  Dabbing a bit at the nape of your neck, behind your wrist, and behind your ears is probably enough.  Avoid spraying in the air, as the scent will not adhere to your body. For daytime, use a light fresh scent and for evening and after hours, go with a more seductive and glamorous scent.

7. Too much cleavage. Keep coworkers and clients focused on your eyes when you are talking to them. There is nothing wrong with showing cleavage, especially if you are in a creative field such as fashion or entertainment, but keep it tasteful. If you are in a corporate environment, I don’t recommend showing any, but if you display just a glimpse while wearing a conservative suit, then you should be ok.  Just make sure to balance it out by keeping hair, make-up, and accessories understated.

8. Too much make-up. How do you know when you are wearing too much make-up?  Well, make-up is worn to enhance your features, brighten your face,  and should give you a flawless and fresh looking face.  You should never look like you just walked away from a MAC cosmetic counter or that you are giving a theatrical performance.  And did you know that the more wrinkles you have, the less make-up you should be wearing, especially around the eyes?  Avoid wearing too much shimmery shadows or wearing dark lipsticks with nothing else.  You can only get away with this if you are under 30 or have super flawless skin and great features, but for most women it’s not a good look. If you are unsure how to properly apply your make-up, contact me and I can teach you tips and tricks that will make you look amazing and flawless with very little effort.

9. Bad hairstyles and/or roots showing.  Workplace hair must always be neat and tidy.  Overdone 80’s or rock ‘n’ roll styles, anything messy or tangled, or bangs too long over the eyes just looks bad.  If you get highlights or dye your hair to cover the grey or dye it a shade that is extremely different from your natural hair color, make sure to touch up the roots often.  Also, make sure your eyebrows match your hair color, please! Also stay away from tattooed brows, they just look scary, especially when Asian women do that…

10. Wrong Shoes.  Is there anything worse that hobbling around all day at the office in shoes that don’t fit and are causing you pain?  Well-made, properly fitting shoes are a must for every professional woman.  Look for classic pumps or high heeled loafers in black, brown, tans, or navy and also consider investing in a pair of stylish and classy boots for winter.  Avoid flip flops, sandals, sneakers, or party high heels at all costs!  If is fine to keep a pair in your drawer for after work workouts or for cocktails, but by all means, never wear them around during the workday, especially if you are in a very conservative and formal corporate environment.

There are several other fashion mistakes that I often see, but these are my top 10.  I am sure you have others you want to share.  Feel free to share it    on my Facebook page, leave comments below, or send me an email.  Thank you for reading and share this list with women you know, especially the ones that you think their professional image may be keeping them from moving up in their careers.


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