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This photo I took at Myconian Luxury Villa in Mykonos this past August is a representation of my dream life.

Life has been an interesting journey for the past 7 years for me – lots of growth, lots of challenges great and not so great, lots of surprises, and a whole lot of powerful breakthroughs at work and at home.  This is my time for self-discovery.  I am open to meaningful experiences and exploration of my private life.  I no longer worry about what others think of me for they may not understand, nor is it any of their business.  I am the creator and master of my own universe.

Perhaps it has something to do with being in my forties and feeling utterly fearless.  I am on a path to enhance my life’s purpose: to face the truth and get in touch with my inner venus. I am ready to stand for what I am and who I am – and that is LOVE, BEAUTY, HARMONY, and PROSPERITY!  It’s been an exciting roller coaster ride for me and now I am ready for the peaceful smooth ride of the Merry Go Round.   This is why the words to the song “It’s Amazing” by Jem have been my inspiration.  I listen to it in the morning on my drive to work, I listen to it on my drive home, and I listen to it in between when I can to remind me that whatever my heart’s desire, I can make it happen.  I can do anything, and I am amazing!  No worries, no fears, simply focus on the desired outcome for my dream life.  I have included the lyrics to the song below in case you would like to sing along to it since it is a beautiful song to chill or dance to.

“It’s Amazing”

Do it now
You know who you are
You feel it in your heart
And you’re burning and wishing

At first, wait, won’t get it on a plate
You’re gonna work for it harder and harder
And I know ’cause I’ve been there before
Knocking on the doors with rejection (rejection)
And you’ll see ’cause if it’s meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream

It’s amazing, it’s amazing all that you can do
It’s amazing, it makes my heart sing
Now it’s up to you

Patience, now, frustration’s in the air
And people who don’t care
Well it’s gonna get you down
And you’ll fall
Yes you will hit a wall
But get back on your feet
And you’ll be stronger and smarter

And I know ’cause I’ve been there before
Knockin’ down the doors, won’t take “No” for an answer
And you’ll see ’cause if it’s meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream


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