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At Shawnee Springs

I tried to buy the red basket as well, but they only sold me the apples…

…is not enough!  I eat about two each day 🙂

It was a gorgeous Sunday.  I was still on a high from a very empowering weekend retreat at Kayser Ridge led and organized by Richa Badami.  After the Roman bath experience that morning to help clear my mind, body, and spirit and center my heart energy, I felt alive, sexy, and fearless.  On my drive back on Route 522 – in my white convertible – “It’s Amazing” by Jem was playing, which so speaks to me about my life and where I am.  I was lost in excitement and on cloud nine because I had discovered my life’s true purpose…to inspire love, beauty, and harmony wherever I go and to make the world a place worth living in.  I will share with you more on this later this month.

Then I saw a sign that said “fresh apples for sale” and I had to do a U-turn and drive into the orchard (so sad – I wrote the name down and lost it).  I actually bought about 10 pounds’ worth of apples.  I was thinking about how we take for granted this classic fruit that is so incredibly healthy for us.  You have heard this a thousand times, but I truly believe that an apple (or two!) a day keeps the doctor away.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I got really sick, and I credit healthy eating and living with much of that.

Apples are easy to eat: you can eat them plain, heated with sprinkles of cinnamon, with peanut butter, in salads, with your morning yogurt and granola, and much, much more.  It’s a simple snack but packed with nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats and you can eat unlimited amounts and not worry so much about the calories.  Seriously.  What could be better than that to fuel up for the rest of your day?

This is the best time of year to head to an orchard and pick your own fruit, so make a point of visiting one this weekend to stock up on delicious apples and – if you are in the DC Metro Area – there is an apple butter festival this coming weekend in the town of Berkeley Springs, WV.  It’s a very pretty drive from Northern Virginia and less than 2 hours away.

The possibilities are endless, so have fun with your cooking, baking, and snacking.  Keep me posted on your apple experiences. xo…tu-anh


I bought 2 baskets of this for home and the office and my family 🙂


Love the colors.


I stopped here to try the pies, but a bit too sweet for my taste.


This is Paige.  She has been helping her family sell apples since she was about 5 years old.  Too bad I lost the name of the orchard, but I can tell you it is off of Route 522 near WInchester, Virginia…



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