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Holiday in Mykonos

My holiday stay at Myconian Luxury Villa

Many people often think that white is the absence of color and can be boring.  But it is actually the opposite: white is the blending of all of the colors of the spectrum.  It represents a fresh start, a new beginning.  As a designer and an artist, I get excited when thinking of a blank white canvas.  To me, it means play time, exploration, and a chance to create something new from scratch.  Perhaps that is why I find it to be so powerful, now in my life more than ever.

Did you know that the color white has been shown to reduce stress ?  White represents innocence, goodness, angels, purification, cleanliness, wholesomeness, coolness, simplicity, snow, new beginning, lightness and airiness, and – most importantly in my opinion – it fights darkness and helps clear clutter, obstacles, and keeps negativity away…that is power and freedom!  In some cultures, white is associated with death, but that just means rebirth and heaven on high.  To give you an example, if you use white to decorate a small space with color accents such as blues, magentas, reds, wood elements, etc.,  it will give you an illusion of openness and will make that space appear larger and stylish.

When I was younger, all I wanted was to surround myself with colors – yellows, pinks, blues, reds, greens – any bright colors to stimulate my energy and my creativity and make life more interesting.  But at the present moment, I am inspired to incorporate more white into my surroundings and wardrobe for mental clarity, to get centered and be in harmony with my inner self and to balance out my high-energy, hectic, and colorful life which can sometimes be overwhelmingly crazy.  That is the reason for my recent holiday in Greece at the Myconian Luxury Villa, a great way to remove stress and help me focus on my life’s purpose.

Below are some photos taken from my recent trip to Mykonos that I thought you would appreciate.  I hope you can draw some inspiration and think of ways to simplify your own surroundings with this tranquil color and improve your life.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are shy and introverted and your life is a bit on the boring side with not much stimulation, I would not recommend using a lot of white, but to go for more bold and colorful surroundings!

As usual, thank you for reading and contributing to my posts with your comments and feedback.  Thank you also to my friends on Facebook for sharing your thoughts on white.

Much love always….xo….tu-anh

White walls and natural accents make for a relaxing living room.

Airy and clean lobby of Myconian Luxury Villa

A lounging tabby cat blends into her surroundings.

A tabby cat lounging on the steps of Mykonos town

A baby's foot peeks out from underneath a cool white sheet.

An innocent sweet baby’s foot underneath a cool white sheet.

Sunrise over a historic religious site.

Sunset over The Church of Paraportiani


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