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feminine flower

Lovely lily from my garden.

The other day my friend Suzi Pomerantz shared a very beautiful poem that so resonates with me and where I currently am.  I am a lover of all things feminine, delicious, and divine.  This poem touches me in every womanly way.  Share this poem, written by Ann Strong, with that special woman in your life who touches your heart, and let her know how much you appreciate her in every genius godness way. ~tu-anh

by Ann Strong

Because I exist, I am worthy
of deep love and consistent support.
As an aspect of the Divine,
my thoughts, words and actions align
with my intrinsic value.
Well-being is my essential nature.

Without agenda, I extend myself
and generate connection everywhere I go.
I am open to synchronicity and flow,
finding my people and my people finding me.

I joyfully stand for each of us
showing up in our own Radiance,
freeing our specific aspects
of Genius and Godness.
My people respond to me
with clear knowing and deep appreciation.
Those who don’t, are served elsewhere.

I receive support for bringing everything
in my life to fruition.
Life often delivers in magical ways,
beyond my imagination.

Life beautifully cares for me
in every moment,
working through infinite channels.
I am guided with every breath.
The wise, eternal part of me
knows how to experience
stability and safety in all situations.
And so I do.

And so I be.
And so it is.



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