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I love this pictureI vividly remember the first time I returned to Vietnam in 1997 after 15 years of living in U.S.  As we arrived Ho Chi Minh City,  my heart was beating so fast, so hard, so full of emotions and excitement and tears of joy.  Is it real?  Am I finally returning to the country where I was born?

Since then, I have returned to Vietnam numerous times.  I have been to many places there, but my absolute favorite is Hoi An.  You will definitely need to experience it for yourself. I love the people, the arts, the handicrafts, the food, the silk lanterns, the creativity, the tailoring shops…what’s not to love?

tu-anh in Hoi AnHoi An is quaint, quiet, peaceful and laid back.  It’s creative. It’s gentle,  It’s old.  It’s artsy.  It’s vintage. It’s colorful, a perfect place for an artist.  In fact, Hoi An is a place where all the famous Vietnamese artists go to paint.  I especially love the Chinese-styled shophouses.

Here are some photos I took years ago while I was on a silk sourcing trip for my tu-anh collection.  I was so inspired that I ended up staying in the city for an extra few days.  I hope the photos inspire you to want to visit Hoi An.  By the way, if you do end up visiting Hoi An, make sure to bring your favorite suit or dress and have one of the tailor shops there replicate it for you.  They can custom make it to fit you in less than 48 hours for as little as $50.  Hoi An is known for the silks and the tailor shops, so don’t forget to do that if you go.  You can select the fabrics there as well.   I will be posting much more about Vietnam in future blog posts, but today, I just want to share with you the this special city that brings out the artist in me.  Have questions about Vietnam?  Just email me

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